My everyday makeup products

It has been so long since I’ve written a post, so I thought I’d start with something simple but one of my favourite things to show you. My everyday makeup products! I always love being nosy and looking at other peoples everyday makeup products and their collections, so I decided I’ll show you what I use almost everyday (for ease!). I’m just going straight into it, enjoy!

So these are my main face products, that I use most days. My favourite foundation of my many must be the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, always my go to. Before I apply this, I use the Makeup Revolution pro base blur primer. This primer gives your skin a dewy look, instead of matte (which I personally love). You can actually wear it on its own…mental. So after these two steps, I apply my Makeup Revilution concealer to any blemishes I have. I’ve recently bought this concealer and I love it! It’s definitely one to buy, also at an amazing price. Next I use my beloved, Anastatia Beverly Hills creme contour kit. All I’m going to say is it’s worth the money, trust me. After this, I apply some of my TheBalm Sexy Mama powder, mainly on my forehead. I don’t like to use much powder as I like abit of shine!

So carrying on with the face theme, here are the other products I also use. I absolutely love the Borjois bronzer, although the it doesn’t actually smell of chocolate, disappointment. Of course I then add highlighter, at the moment I’m using the Makeup Revolution Radient Light instead of my ABH creme highlighter, it’s actually better. To add a little more shimmer I use the Bare Minerals shimmer (I don’t know the name sorry), which looks gorgeous on the skin. I just added my setting spray into the part as it looked good in the pic- whatevs. I use my Makeup Revolition pro fix at the end to set my makeup for the day! 

Here I come to the upper face/eye area (yeah I don’t know). To do my eyebrows I use the ABH dipbrow pomade which is insane, my eyebrows come out looking fleeky everytime. To prime my eyes I use the Urban Decay primer potion, but lately I’ve loved the ‘Eden’ version instead of my original, so I thought I’d add my tester to this- need to buy this! For my natural, everyday eye look I use the Urban Decay basics 2, the shades depend on the day! I always add some of Benefits High Beam to the corner of my eye, although that’s not its purpose! Finally I use my favourite mascara, Too Faced Better than sex. If I don’t use this I almost always use my Benefit Roller lash. 

So here we are, LIPS. I’ve always been known to over line my lips so lip liner is a must for me. This Essence lip liner has been my fave lately, going perfectly with my Nyx Lingerie liquid lipstick (shade Lace Detail). If I don’t use any of my liquid lipsticks, I always use my Kiko lipstick (the shade isn’t on the lipstick), that is also a gorgeous nude colour. 

There we go, my everyday/favourite makeup products. I’ll definitely do another one of these when my daily makeup changes at some point, probably soon.
Thank you so much for reading, feedback would be hugely appreciated! 
Love Cade x

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