My new approach

Hello everybody, 

As some of you may know, I started a blog in 2014. I loved it for a start, but then I realised I didn’t have the time to run it, blog posts actually take so so so long to create and write. I couldn’t help but hate my theme, the look of my blog all together really and infact my posts…I sort of just didn’t know what to do with it to make it better. 

HOWEVER, I’m starting afresh. As my exams are coming to an end, I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands to really think about my blog’s content. I’m going to be thinking more about aesthetics and detail, rather than just rushing posts and saying ‘it will do’. My theme has now been changed- giving it a simple, more sophisticated look. I am loving it so far! Very soon I’ll be filling my blog with content based around the things I love, especially a lot of lifestyle posts, as they’re my favourite to write about (which I lacked I think). As well, I absolutely love making inspiration boards based on different topics such as bedroom inspo or office inspo…anything! They’ll be found under ‘inspo’.

So my lovelies, I hope you’ll love the content I’ll be posting! It will be much better this time, trust me. 

Love Cade x

P.s. Excuse the lack of posts my blog has at the moment, starting again is really difficult. But I assure you that I’m going to post a lot more regularly! 

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