How I de-stress

Hey everyone,

Today I felt like sharing my ways to relieve stress, it seems quite relevant at the moment as many of you are taking exams- it’s a horrible time! Even if you’ve finished your exams or not taking any, this still may be of interest to you. Everybody is going to feel uneasy at some pound of their life, so knowing what makes YOU feel calm and content is key. These are just my personal ways of relieving any stress I’m under (for the time being!), and hopefully my ways of relaxing would be of help to you too.

  • 1. Getting into comfy clothes 

Putting on comfy clothes makes a LOT of difference. I think feeling comfortable physically makes you feel a lot more comfortable mentally- if that makes sense? You know what I mean. Just throw on your pjs and chill. 

  • 2. Make yourself a cup of tea…or whatever else you like

I haven’t a clue why tea calms me down, but it does! Whenever I’m feeling any pressure, a cuppa makes me feel more at ease. I know this works for a lot of people, so maybe it will for you too. 

  • 3. Burn a candle

Filling your room with your favourite scent is the best. The first thing I do as I come in from a full day, I burn my favourite Yankee candles. 
If you’re someone who is stressed out easily or a lot, I really do advise you to buy an oil burner. You can place your fave wax melts in the top (Yankee ones are the best) or if you’re feeling extra stressed, I suggest putting a few drops of lavender or camomile oil in the top of the burner. 

  • 4. Watch your favourite series or film 

Just chilling, watching your fave TV shows or a film you love really does make a difference! Invest in a Netflix account if you don’t have one, truuuust me.

  • 5. Put your TV on

Even if I don’t actually watch the TV, just having it on in the background helps me a lot. Background noise is great for me, I think it’s much better than sitting in silence, there’s something quite comforting in having a little bit of noise in my room!

  • 6. Eat your favourite thing

Whether it’s pizza, cake or biscuits, when you’re feeling under the weather- eat it. For me, Ben & Jerry’s is my comfort food. Eating my favourite foods and drinking my favourite drinks relaxes me at the end of a stressful day! 
So there are my ways of winding down, I hope these simple tips help you! You probably already do some of these things but when you combine all of the tips together, I’m sure you’ll start to feel insanely relaxed. 

Feedback would be much appreciated! 

Love Cade x

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