Tips on keeping your hair healthy and happy 

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I’d do something a little different, as I’ve never ever written a post about hair before. This is mainly because I used to HATE my hair- dead and damaged. However, a few weeks ago I had my hair cut into a bob style, I now adore my hair! After so many years of hating it! So the feeling of actually liking my hair for once inspired me to write about how I’m keeping it in amazing condition. These are my personal methods, so I hope these help you and urge you to buy these products. 

So first of all, you NEED a good shampoo and conditioner. I really do recommend the TRESemmé salon silk duo, especially if you suffer with dry, maybe damaged hair. It leaves your hair so shiny and sleek, probably because it contains argan oil (my fave). 
Continuing with the argan oil theme, this hair mask really has made a difference to my hair. I’ve only been using this for around a week (used 3 times), but I can genuinely say it makes my hair feel a lot softer and smoother. It also really helps if your hair gets knotty, making it easy to brush after. I’ve got to say though, make sure you wash it out very thoroughly!!! I think hair masks are a great, easy way to get healthy looking hair. 

If you are someone who puts heat on your hair, it is so important to apply heat protectant before. This particular protectant is my favourite, I think TRESemmé are just fab really! I feel like this keratin smooth heat protectant is the most effective out of the many I’ve tried, deffo worth a purchase. 
I’m not really sure about this product keeping your hair healthy exactly, BUT oh my lord, it makes my hair look so so so smooth and sleek after straightening it (you can tell I’m excited about this one)! I even just give my damp hair a spray with this, just because it smells so good and I swear it still has the same shiny effect on my hair even without heat- amazing!

Yes yes yes, here it is. COCONUT OIL. I use this on my face, my body, in cooking…I even brush my teeth with it. Around half an hour before I have a bubble bath, I massage coconut oil into my roots and apply some to my ends, then washing it thoroughly out of my hair in the bath. This is probably the most popular method people use, as it’s so quick and easy. So, if you don’t already use coconut oil, use it! It improves growth, repairs damage and leaves your hair feeling as good as new. 
These are just a few products I use on my hair to improve the condition it’s in. Other ways to keep your hair as healthy as it can be are: 

  • using as little heat as possible
  • applying argan oils into the ends before blow drying
  • having it trimmed regularly 
  • brushing your hair as much as possible
  • using whisked up eggs as a mask, then washing it out (weird I know)

I hope you enjoyed reading this, hopefully it gave you some ideas on how to improve your hairs health! Feedback would be much appreciated. 

Love Cade x

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