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My weekend morning routine

Hello everybody!

Today I thought I’d share my morning routine, I know a lot of youtubers do this but why not make it into a blog post? I’ve got to admit, I don’t have THE most exciting mornings but I’ve tried to make it as interesting as humanly possible (the things I do for you)! 

So, firstly, I wake up…

The first thing I do is pick up my phone and have a little scroll through Instagram and Twitter- the usual. I probably chill in bed for around half an hour before I properly get up (depending if I fall back to sleep, which is likely). For those wanting to know, my doughnut bedding is from primark- I adore primark homeware. 

Next, without fail, I always grab a cup of tea or coffee and some breakfast and take it upstairs to my bed again. Today I had tea and scrambled eggs, like most days really! 

Whilst I’m eating and drinking my tea or coffee, I watch some morning TV. I’m OBSESSED with morning TV, such as homes under the hammer and especially This Morning on ITV. Of course after that’s done, I watch loose women… It’s like I’m a 30 year old in a 16 year olds body, love it!

After my daily dose of lounging around being lazy, I get up and actually do something. Well, if lying in the bath counts as doing stuff…anyway. Today used my favourite bath bomb, Intergalactic by Lush. The colours are insane! Of course after that, I brush my teeth using my most favourite, go-to toothpaste, OralB 3D White. 

Straight after brushing my teeth, I give them another little brush with the Lush toothy tabs, I personally use the ‘Sparkle’ ones but you can get so so many! I then refresh my face by using garnier skin care, yes, I know the micellar water is for removing makeup but it still makes my face feel so fresh! Their toner is also fab, being someone who suffers with dry skin, their ‘goodbye dry’ product is amazing. I then of course use coconut oil to keep my skin smooth and clear, followed by a quick dabbing of The Body Shop’s elderflower eye gel. 
If I have the motivation (lol) or if I’m in the mood, I do my makeup. On a daily basis, I just use what’s in my makeup bag- most of the items are featured in my ‘Favourite/everyday beauty products’ post, so check it out! Today I just put on some Collection concealer, a dusting of urban decay highlight and a tiny bit of Borjois bronzer, lazy lazy lazy. However, if I do my full face I always make a huge effort, so I make up for it! 
Finally, I get dressed. I’d much prefer to stay comfy in my pjs but sometimes I think I’m more motivated to get stuff done if I’m dressed! Today I just threw on some Mom jeans (from Topshop) and a plain, comfy shirt (from Urban Outfitters). 
Taking up the majority of my day today is packing and getting stuff together before I go on holiday to Greece…tomorrow morning! I find packing really stressful so it takes up a lot of my time, but oh well, it needs to be done. I’ve actually enjoyed packing this time as I have some gorgeous pieces I can’t wait to wear!!!

Whilst I’m on the subject of clothes and my holiday, I’m thinking of doing a little lookbook. I’ll try and include most of my daily outfits! I’ve got to be honest, Ive got to give primark a round of applause because a lot of my holiday wear is from there, I don’t like spending too much on holiday clothes as they’re mostly just lounging, baggy, comfy clothes. Aswell as these though, I do have some aboloutely stunning items, I just can’t wait to put on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little peak into my day, feedback would be hugely appreciated! You all have a beautiful day.

Love Cade x

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