Crète: A holiday in paradise 

Hello everybody!

It seems like a while since I’ve sat down and blogged. It’s only been two weeks though, and I know a lot of bloggers only really do a post every month but I don’t want to role like that! The reason I’ve not been so active is because I’ve been on holiday in Greece- which is why I’ve not been wanting to think about anything but relaxing (it’s what a holiday is for, right?). Anyway, I thought instead of a lookbook, I’d do an all round holiday post which is a little more interesting.


So I went to Crete in Greece, an absolutely stunning island. The hottest it got was around 36 degrees but mainly stayed around the 32 degree area. I’m so pleased we chose to holiday in Crete, I was so impressed. My hotel was right in the town of Plantanias, with a gorgeous sea view! We stayed in a very big apartment, but on a small complex as we were right within the town- we spent a lot of time out and about.

Elafonisi beach 

I’m mentioning this location as it was my most favourite place I visited. This beach was just breathtaking, pictures do not do its justice! Elafonisi beach is set right on the edge of Crete, which meant the air was so lovely and cool (gave us a break from the scorching sun) and I just fell in love with this place. The water was clear and crisp, I literally have never spent so long in the sea, you couldn’t get me out of there! The sand was like flour, and even pink in places, which made the beach unique and even more stunning.

Food and drink ??

To keep this post easy reading, I’ve just picked my favourite drink and favourite meal I’ve had during my holiday to talk about. We visited a very small town in Crete and I had the most amazing Greek salad I’ve ever had! I had quite a few of them on this holiday but this one was deffo the best. The dressing was just to die for…

When we had a day in Chania, we went to a few bars for drinks. One bar served the most lush drink EVER, which was a smoothie with kiwi, avocado and much more in it. It was heaven in a glass!

Bars and restaurants 

During our time here, we went to soooo many bars and restaurants. My two favourite bars we visited were Blue+White which was set right on the sea front and Astrea which was set at the highest point of Plantanias! So both bars for me just had the most gorgeous locations ever.

The stunning sunset outside Blue+White

This was the view from Astrea, seeing the town lit up was so pretty! Again, this picture really does not show just how beautiful the view really was.


To be really honest with you, it wasn’t on my mind to be taking pictures of my outfits every single day, but I made sure I had a few to show!

To start off with, I wore these gorgeous flared trousers from primark to travel in. I also wore them out one night as they’re really comfy and airy on your legs! I usually wear these with my strappy shoes from ASOS, which I think look lovely together.
This funky piece is also from primark, it can be worn casually or dressed up!

These trousers were actually a spontaneous buy in the town, from a little shop that sold gorgeous stuff (was sooo pricey though, cry)! I wore these mostly with my white sandals from new look.

This hugely oversized white shirt was what I wore to the beach a lot of the time over a bikini but can be worn as a shirt aswell. It was from Zara (loving Zara at the moment), I love it!

Finally my favourite bikini! This lace up white bikini is from boohoo, and is probably the most gorgeous one I own. (Second picture taken at home, oops)

Just to end the blog post, I’ll insert some more pictures from my trip, enjoy!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and I’ll be back with more posts shortly!

Love Cade x

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