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Hello everybody!
I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! This morning I had a weird but maybe wonderful idea for a blog post that I don’t really see very often. 

Everybody has their own little life plan mapped out in their head, right? Have a baby at 25…buy a house at 26…and all of that jazz. I know I do! Well, I’m going to try and take that plan out of my head and spread it out onto this blog post. Most people’s ambitions are to become rich…or famous…which is a absolutely okay! In my case, it’s a little different (although the rich part would be nice!). Before I start going into all of my wondrous wishes (in my eyes), my MAIN goal in life is to live happy- which is hard for me. Suffering with anxiety is tremendously difficult, as many of you will know, so being happy is a huge future goal in itself. Anyway, enough of the depressing stuff, let’s get into it! 

My dream job…??????

Personally, I change my mind A LOT about what I want to do for a career- but I think I’ve found the one. Yes, the one. A play therapist! If you don’t already know, this is a job working with children that are either at a slower learning rate, children that have been through/experiencing traumatic events or suffering with a mental illness such as depression. Play therapy enables them to come to terms with their feelings through fun activities or even educational games, putting a smile on their face is what I’d love at the end of the day! 

If any of you are interested, you would probably be working through the NHS, earning a beginner amount of £30,000 a year however increasing with experience! As well, it is a part-time job, so personally this would be great for me as sometimes I’m not in the best way (not wanting this to affect my work!). 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius

There are many ways I could achieve becoming a play therapist but this is my planned out route I’m going to take…

  • Achieve my GCSEs in maths, English and psychology (ah results day soon!!!)
  • Go to college for two years to do Level 3 early years education and development, having placements in schools and hospitals – I’m so excited to start in September!
  • Go on to do either psychology or childhood studies at university for three years…
  • After completing that, take a play therapy Masters for 2 years in either Leeds or London! 

My dream home and location…?

Now here is where being rich may come in…lets just say I couldn’t do this on my own! My ultimate wish is to live in the BIG APPLE, yes, New York. I’ve wanted to move to New York since ever since I saw a picture of it when I was 4, so for a very long time. If I could work in my element and live in my wishful destination…that would be mega. I’m hoping to rent an apartment there, but as I said, it’s a lot of $$$. This may or may not become a reality for me but I always think it’s fabulous to have big ambitions! 

An amazing brick walled apartment would just be unimaginable for me. I’d quite like to live in Soho (yes knocking that price up Cade), it looks amazing!
“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” – Louisa Marie Alcott 

However, even though I’d be the happiest girl alive if I got the NYC apartment of my dreams, I’d still feel happy staying here in the UK. This is because I’m fond of familiarity…or am I saying this to make myself feel better if I don’t end up moving to New York! We will see…

Life’s little desires…??

Yes, here we are, the age planning. If I’m completely honest, I don’t want children until I’m settled down in a career that’s financially stabilising me and my partner. This means I want to start having children in my late 20s! This may sound sooo silly but I’d adore two boys and a girl, the girl coming last. These are things everyone must plan in their head…please don’t say I’m the only one haha. I have one boys name and one girls name in mind, Evan for a boy and Estée for a girl (Essie for short). I have to add though, I’d be beyond happy whether I have boys or girls! 

“Children bring heaps of happiness into your life, just wait and see.” – Kathleen Bennett 

I absolutely adore babies and children, so it would be only right to make some of my own! 

It must be love…??❤️

Finally, my dream wedding. I really hope to get married somewhere far far away, exotic and beautiful. A Carribean island beach wedding would be just perfect in my eyes, only inviting very close friends and relatives. I’m a hopeless romantic, so this wedding would probably be a cringy one…who cares?! I’m so excited to have my little dream wedding, yes it’s all planned out!

 “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” – The Notebook

So guys, I’m going to leave it there! If I go on anymore we would be here all day, as I’d probably talk about travelling…ill save that for another post. I think it’s so exciting to have a life plan in your head, even if it doesn’t work out! I’ve got to add aswell, I believe that you are where you’re meant to be, so if it takes you a little longer to reach your goals…it’s happened for a reason!

I hope you all have lovely rest of your lazy Sunday and I’ll be back with more soon.

Love, Cade x

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