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Hey everyone!

Today I decided to do a monthly favourites, these are things I’ve been absolutely loving during this month! I really do enjou doing these but I can never find a decent number of things to include in a favourites post every single month, so I’ve resorted to just doing them when I have an acceptable amount of stuff to write about! I’ve actually been shifting away from the beauty/fashion side of things this month, but don’t worry, there’s still a few making an appearance. 

By the way, I’ll link any product I mention below!

Too Faced ‘Better than sex’ Mascara ?

This little beauty has actually been a favourite of mine for months, so I’ve finally decided to include it! The Tood Faced ‘Better than sex’mascara is amazing, but I was torn between this and Benefits ‘roller lash’ mascara. This mascara gives your lashes sensational volume as well as lusciously long lashes. I’ve got to say that Too Faced have been a brand I’ve really been loving, their products are exceptional. Buy it here!

ABH Dipbrow Pomade ?

I could sit and rave for hours about this life saver, I think it’s probably my most favourite beauty product I own. Anastatia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade is easy to use, gives my brows a perfect look and without fail, completes my face of makeup with big, bold eyebrow game. Using this product with an angled, damp brush will never make doing your brows difficult again, trust me! I think for £15 this is amazing, it is worth every penny. Buy it here!

Heart & Home Wax Melts ?

Being somebody who loves burning melts and lighting candles everyday, I’m always on the look out for good quality wax melts for my burner. I’m usually always drawn to the Yankee candle wax melts but now I’ve found these, I’m thinking differently. These melts smell HEAVENLY, just as good as the Yankee melts…which shows that they’re just as good in quality. My favourite is probably ‘Baked Apple’ as I love those strong, sweet autumnal scents, they’re somehow so comforting to me. I’ve been absolutely loving these lately and can’t wait to buy more! Just to add aswell, they’re SO affordable at around £2. Buy them here!

Bombay Bicycle Club ?

I’ve always been a girl that loves her music, constantly having my earphones in, going to gigs…you know. At the moment I’ve been listening to Bombay Bicycle Club a LOT. I’ve loved their music for years and always had them in my playlists but recently, I’m listening to their full albums on repeat. If you didn’t already know, they’re an indie band from Crouch End, London, and I just can’t get enough of them! If you’re into indie music.. or even if you’re not, give them a listen 🙂 Their sound is just so gorgeous- plus another one of my favourite artists, Lucy Rose, is featured in a lot of their songs which is a win for me. Visit their site here!

Haunted- by James Herbert ?

Lately, I’ve been reading this book every night before bed and I’m really enjoying it so far. ‘Haunted’ by James Herbert is a horror about a man called David Ash investigating a haunting in a house called Edbrook- lets just say he comes across some spine-chilling activities! As always, I will not give anything more away. However, if you’re a fan of horror, this is definitely a strong read for you!

Disturbing atmosphere and constant unpleasant shocks– Daily Mail

Stranger things ?

So here is where I get really excited. Strangers Things is a thriller series on Netflix set in the 80s (can’t get better than that), that seriously blown me away. I’m never usually into the whole alien, Sci-Fi scene but this is a different thing all together. Stranger Things is packed full of emotion, terror and suspense… I don’t want to give too much away incase you’re going to watch it or have started watching it but you NEED to give this a watch if you haven’t already. The actors and actresses are phonomenol, Winona Ryder for example! The kids are so amazing in this, their acting is just incredible. Aswell, it is actually quite scary in some parts (as a girl who adores horror, I love that), which you wouldn’t expect from what you hear roughly about it. I was hooked from the very first episode, it’s the coolest thing ever. 

Instagram ?

From looking at this you’re probably thinking ‘yes okay whatever Instagram is old news now’ but at the minute, it’s honestly the app I’m loving. I just love looking through people’s feeds, interacting with them and posting photos I’ve taken that I love myself! I think it’s a great platform for bloggers as they can talk to other bloggers and get into contact with brands or companies. 
Carrying on with the insta theme, I’ve decided to mention my fave- @just_jodes. She is also my favourite youtuber (check her YouTube out here) and let me just say, her Instagram is goals!!! Just look at her pictures! Oh by the way, you can follow me on Instagram @cade.lauren, little self promo there 😉

So that’s 7 things I’ve been loving this month! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I’ll be back with more posts shortly. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day!


             Cade x 

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