Back to school: Organisation

Hey everyone! 

Today I’m going to kick off my back to school blog posts with an guide on how you can stay organised and smash this year at school. Personally I LOVE being organised, it’s something very satisfying to me…even though I’m not the best at it. However, I have got a few tips for you guys on how I attempt to stay organised throughout school! As I’m starting college in September, I’m going to try my best to be as organised as I can. 

Your space ?

Not only having a clean, tidy room will help with your state of mind, I think keeping the space you work at neat and pretty is very important too. Making it aesthetically pleasing for yourself will help motivate you and WANT to work in your space. This is where a lot of organisation comes in (for me, anyway). 

So here we have my own work space. As you can see I’ve kept it very minimal, which is definitely good to keep a clear head. I’ve arranged my folders neatly, kept my other stuff on my desk looking tidy and cleared a nice, big space to do my work in. Having things like a calendar near your desk area is really helpful, as you can see your upcoming exams maybe, or events. 

Having a small box or pot to keep your little bits in is a good idea, so then it’s all out of your way!

Helpful things to own ?

Here I’ll talk about a few things that help me stay organised during school time. They’re simple, easy items to get hold of and do really make a difference to not having them at all! 

Firstly I have my most essential item, my diary! Taking this out with you and having one in general is just really great for knowing where you are and what you’re doing day by day. Having a diary lets you see your whole week, making planning things easier and life more manageable! I really do suggest getting a diary where you can see your full week on two pages (instead of one day for each page) and where you have little features such as mine has pictured above. Having a timetable within your diary is so helpful, as is the deadline/exam pages! 

Similar to the diary, I also have my weekly planner. I bought this from Tescos for around £8 and it’s rather great. Instead of having to dig for your diary at the bottom of your bag whilst you’re sat in your room, you can just look up and see your week right there and then. This one also has the cute little features on the right, lists and stickers! 

Okay, folders are pretty obvious for when you’re going back to school but yeah…they help me! When I was in year 11 they were great for sectioning off each subject, but now I’m going to college I think they will be really useful, to section each module. 

These Pukka Pads are a lifesaver, I must have got through about 3! I love how they have different sections throughout, it’s much better than having one big pad of paper. As well, thin plastic folders are really useful too, maybe to put  homework in to! 
When I was revising for my GCSEs, sticky notes were my bestfriend lol. Seriously though, they’re reallyyyy great for revision so STOCK UP. 

Finally, notebooks. Again, very simple! I use notebooks all the time, to jot down blog post ideas, lists…anything really. They’ll also be really good to keep school notes in whilst in class! Also, buying pretty ones will make you feel better about revision and school in general! 😉 
There we go, a few things to help you stay organised during school, college or even univeristy! I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember, an organised, tidy environment will help you keep a clear mind! 


Cade x

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