It’s no surprise that mindfulness is a frequently talked about subject at the moment, with everybody’s lives so busy and hectic. Whether that’s a full time job, education or even just facing the day ahead with a list of things to get done. There’s nothing we can really do about leading busy lives, but we can do something to help it. I’m one of those people who stress over the tiniest things, which really isn’t good for my well being. This is why I’ve looked further into the topic of mindfulness, to decrease the amount of stress and anxieties I feel on a day to day basis.
The first thing I always try to do is not look at my phone in the morning. Yes, that’s pretty difficult as it is my alarm! However, as soon as a switch my alarm off, I steer away from scrolling through things like emails and Instagram. Emails always seem to stress me in the mornings, as I get emailed deadline dates for assignments, brand information and things I just don’t have to be looking at right in that moment. Instagram (which you guys know I love) isn’t great at the start of my day. Not scrolling through it in the morning will avoid me making any comparisons and lowering my self esteem, by wishing I looked like or lived the life of somebody else.

In the morning, I always make myself a cup of tea. Camomile tea is amazing for keeping calm and relaxed throughout your day, it is actually sometimes known as ‘Nature’s tranquilliser’. It lowers your cotisol levels, which keeps all the stress at bay. I always have a cup or two if I’m feeling extra delicate that day, to be honest, I should be drinking it everyday!

Meditation is very important I believe, and it is one of the main rituals I carry out within my morning routine. It has helped me in ways I cannot describe. Here, I’ll show you my step by step meditation routine, it is something so easy to do and certainly not time consuming.

  • First of all, I sit on the edge of my bed and get comfortable. I’ve read that meditation is more effective with your feet flat on the ground, although I’m not too sure whether that is completely true. I prefer to do it this way anyway, I’m sure it is all good for you. I also make sure I’m wearing some comfortable clothes, like my pjs or a big jumper.
  • Next, I put my headphones in. I find that if I just play the music out loud, I always hear someone or something loud in my house or outside, which isn’t good when you’re meditating. Meditation is all about reducing stress levels and de cluttering your mind, which is why distractions are not great.
  • I then put on some music, the music I’ve been listening to while meditating is the ‘All 7 chakras healing meditation music’. I’ll link this piece of music here. It is an hour long video, but I only listen to 10 minutes of it, as that’s how long I meditate for.
  • I then close my eyes, breath in through my nose and out through my mouth slowly, making sure I keep my mind as clear as possible. I do this for 10 minutes, sometimes 15 if I have time. I actually once meditated for a whole half an hour without realising, that’s how calm you feel!

Jumper/top from Zara

Meditation is so beneficial, helping me keep focus and lower my anxieties. It only takes 10 minutes to feel completely refreshed and ready to face your day.

Obviously in the week days I’m at college, but if it’s the weekend, I’ll spend one of my days getting my work or assignments done and of course, contribute to my blog- writing or researching. As you can imagine, I sometimes feel quite stressed when doing my work, as everybody does! So, whilst working, I’ll always burn some sage oil in my burner. Sage oil works like camomile, relieving any anxiety and emotional tension by inhaling it in. I add a few drops into my Yankee candle burner melt, light a tea light, and there we go! It also smells soooo good, which is always lovely. You can buy this anywhere on the internet and in places such as Holland and Barrett, but here’s a link to buy it now!

Finally, to contribute to my calming routine, I always make sure my room is nice and tidy. As mentioned in a previous blog post (I think it was ‘how I de-stress’, which is actually quite similar to this post), I believe in the saying tidy space, tidy mind- or whatever it is. I also love to burn my favourite scented candles, anything with cinnamon or gingerbread is my absolute fave at the moment. I’m definitely getting well into the autumn spirit!

So there are a few of my mindful tips and routines, I think it would be great for you guys to try them out, especially meditation.

I’ll see you soon lovelies!



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