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Hello everybody, how you doing.

Today I was really in the mood to do a monthly favourites post, so here I am. The only thing is, the items I want to include are either really recent favourites or things I’ve been liking for months and months. Plus, it’s the 13th of November…which isn’t reallyyyy the most ideal time to be writing a monthly favourites haha. So I’m just going to just throw some things I love right now into this post and write a lil bit about them. A few of the things I have lined up could actually be good Christmas gift ideas!

Ok let’s go.

Sleek Cream Contour Kit

This Contour kit really surprised me actually, I haven’t really bought any beauty product from sleek before! It was a complete random purchase when I was out shopping, but I am utterly glad I did. It’s pigmented, creamy and blends amazingly. Well done sleek, you have me hooked.
Femme by Zara

Just what the hell. This perfume was around ¬£8 (yeah again what the hell) and it’s seriously my favourite one out of all of my fragrances! This beauty smells so gorgeous, it’s the exact scent I look for when buying a perfume, you just wouldn’t have guessed something that smelled so good would be so affordable! Never had I thought my go to perfume would be from Zara’s own range…I absolutely love it.
Lush Sea Monster Fun Bar

This was a new one for me! I adore lush, but I had never thought of buying this during my many trips into the lush store. I actually got this in a gift set for my birthday, I’m soooo glad I did. This stuff is just so unusual but such a good idea! You can use it on your body AND hair, plus it smells incredible (obviously).
Zoella On My Travels backpack 

As soon as I saw this, I just had to get it. How gorgeous is this bag though?! I love the simplicity, it goes with pretty much everything- you can dress it up and down so easily. Plus it comes with her travel cup (which is beautiful), the inspire keyring and the pencils!
Digestive nibbles 

Bloody hell these are so nice, got to include a foodie bit haven’t you! Proper addicted to these now.


When I first got Pinterest, I’ve got to say I found it rather boring. But now, it’s a lifesaver. I’m studying early years education at college, which means in placement I have to carry out different activities to tick off and support various areas of development. Pinterest is amazing for finding activity ideas, some are so unique and lovely. I’ve made little categories for each theme and add activities/resources to the boards as a scroll through. Perfect for anyone doing a course or job related to children! To follow me on Pinterest, just search ‘Cade Jenkins’.

Black mirror 

This series is majorly WEIRD. That’s probably why I love it so much. Infact, it’s so bizarre, you sometimes feel a tad uncomfortable watching some parts of the episodes- but in a strange way, that’s what makes it so good. I definitely recommend this to anybody, it is amazing.
So there we have some stuff I’ve been liking lately! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday…I’m a celebrity starts tonight yay!

See you very soon.


Cade x

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