Feeling festive 

Hello my lovelies!
It’s been way too long, and I’m sorry. I’ve got to be honest, my college course is a lot more full on than I anticipated…I am neck deep in work, literally. I’ve also not been feeling too great in myself, but we can move on.

Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and I absolutely love expressing my love for the festive holidays on my blog. It’s time for some Christmassy blog posts!

Today I had a free day to get whatever I needed to do done, so I thought I’d write a very chilled out day in the life and how I’m getting deeper into the excitement of Christmas. Okay what I’ve done today isn’t the most exciting, but I’ve definitely gotten into the festive spirit.

Waking up to this advent calendar everyday is actually quite exillerating (yeah okay I’m sad), I have the biggest love for candles. Instead of getting the same old chocolate calendar, I’ve decided to switch it up and buy one with my favourite sort of candles inside. The Yankee candle scents within this calendar are just so gorgeous, today I got ‘Berry Trifle’, yeah I know, it sounds good doesn’t it. All of them smell amazing, they have got the Christmas scents on POINT.

After doing heaps of work, I decided to take a bit so healthy food break. I cannot explain to you how much I adore the Mr Kipling ‘Gingerbread Whirls’, I love them more than the Viennese whirls and that’s extremely hard to beat. To go with my naughty treat, I made myself an amazing hot chocoate with whipped cream and marshmallows, topped with sprinkles of chocolate. Just. Look. At. – I use the Options Belgian hot chocolate if any of you were wondering!

After a few more hours of planning some Christmassy activities for the children, I thought it was time for a bath. I really fancied a lush bath, so I had a lush bath. I don’t know about you, but I find it sooo difficult to pick out a bath bomb or bubble bar to use! I went with the Blackberry bath bomb, which actually has frankincense oils in it…I thought that was quite fitting. Let me just add, this bath bomb smells so fricken good, I urge you to purchase it. It feels wintery somehow, don’t ask me why.

After my bath, I decided to do the last of my wrapping. Gotta be real here, I am so proud of myself for getting all of my shopping and wrapping done early, I’m usually leaving it sooo late. It feels so good to be organised this year, it gives you a lot more time to sit back and enjoy the holidays! Get it done early guys.
My parents were having some friends round tonight, so I decided to help my mum with the baking. She made a few sweet treats but how cute is this little Christmas sponge! Simple, yet so pretty.

 I like to keep things real, so here we have the relatively boring part to my day. Work work work work work work. But it is all worth it guys, all worth it. Writing assignments isn’t so bad when you have a huge bar of chocolate, a massive cuppa and Christmas songs blaring through your room- so I was all good!
I hope you’ve all had a relaxing Sunday and a great weekend. I’ll be back shortly with some more Christmas related posts, I’m trying to manage my time better to put my lovin’ into my blog.

See you very soon.


Cade x

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