My 2017 thoughts and feelings: Resolutions 

Hello lovelies. 

Happy new year, woo! 

Today I’m going to get a little bit personal and I’m going to share my New Years resolutions. In my opinion, I think New Years resolutions are extremely special, the new year presents us with a new beginning and gives you the chance to start afresh. I have a few of the usual ones…but there are some that are quite close to me. 

I’m not going to ramble on too long, but 2016 was a shit year, for me anyway. Much like 2015 and 2014 really. Sorry to be so negative, but it’s sadly true. I’m going to make it my goal this year to have a good one, without putting too much pressure on myself (that sort of brings me to one of my resolutions) and for me, it’s a big thing to keep a positive mind set…that’s also another one haha! 

So, let’s get into it.

Number one: Blog more. It’s what I want to do.

Number two: Exercise every week, maybe not everyday, but TRY.

Number three: Eat a vegetarian diet, even if it’s not strictly. 

Number four: Give myself time to do the things I love (e.g. resolution one) and relax. 

Number five: Take each day as it comes, try not to worry about things in advance…chill girl.

Number six: Be more easygoing. Is it the end of the world? Will this matter in 5 years time?

Number seven: Stay organised but DO NOT try and control things, there’s a huge difference between organisation and control.

Number eight: Meditate every single day. 

Number nine: Stop trying to live up to the expectations I have made up in my head, along with this, stop comparing to others. It’s not healthy. 

Number ten: STAY POSITIVE. It will be okay by the end. 
These are small things that will make a big difference to my life if I follow them. Throughout 2016, I didn’t do any of these to the level I need. To me, these are SO important. Finding a few resolutions that you know will change the way you live your life (if you stick to them, you can do it!), there will be a positive difference to your mindset, trust me!! 

I hope you guys have an amazing 2017, full of health and happieness. It is my first resolution to blog more and I will defitently do it, I need to figure out set days and times for me to focus on this purely, blogging keeps my mind healthy. It’s very very important for me personally to try and stay happy. 

Happy new year!

Cade x 

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