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Hello guys.
I think in this day and age, time management is a massively talked about subject- this is probably because most people are leading extremely busy lives and need that organisation to get them through. I’m not too sure whether I’m only speaking on behalf of myself but time managment is a huge thing when it comes to working life. I have previously written a blog post on the topic of organisation, which includes some tips on how to stay organised. Time management falls heavily into organisation, which is why I thought of writing a little bit about how I personally manage my time.

To me, time is my enemy, so it is important that I manage it well. Throughout this post, I’ll be focusing on the practical side of things – for me this is college and blogging. I think its a tad different when it comes to a part time/full time job, because you already have those hours given to you. Student work and extra hobby time is what YOU decide and that’s where it sometimes goes a little bit wrong. Working around your job and college hours is definitely hard, but this is how I manage it.
Write it down

It always helps me when I have things written down, whether that is what you have to complete in a certain amount of time or having down WHEN you’re going to do this. Having a diary is extremely useful here, also, having a weekly planner will help too. You could even leave yourself a note! On my weekly planner, I have recorded designated days for different pieces of work I have to do, e.g. I will write a blog post today and finish the first part of my assignment tomorrow. Visually seeing what you have to do will hopefully help you manage your time better, to me, it is way better than having it cluttering your mind. I sort of think that if I write it down for me to see, it has been taken out of my thoughts and spilled out onto paper (is this weird?), which is great for my wellbeing.

Plan a certain day within your week to complete a specific task

This links well with my last tip, and it really does sound like a simple thing to do. But trust me, this will give you a greater sense of organisation and therefore managing your time well. At the moment, Sundays are my blogging day- even if I have planned other work to do, I will try my best to write and post. I will also try and write some in advance, so I can post them whenever I like! Also, I have my driving lesson on a Sunday, so I know I don’t have to think about it during my week. I always keep my Friday nights free if I can, to wind down and relax. It is majorly important to have a time in your week where you’re doing NOTHING and you can decide what you’d like to do. Having a week planned is all well and good, but make sure you give yourself time to recharge and stay sane!!!
Do not leave anything to that last minute

I am happy to say, I have never been one of those people who leaves a huge assignment until the last minute, but if you do, stop!!! It will only stress you out if you leave your work until the night before it needs to be done, that worry is not needed. If you set out and plan some time to get it done and dusted, you will thank yourself for it (especially when you’re not the one in your class typing frantically at your laptop at 12pm).

I’m not the best at this, to be quite honest! I am the sort of person that will do the work that looks the most appealing first, and sometimes, that is not a good plan. Going back to the first tip, write a to-do list and then number them in relation to the things you need to get done first. Along with this, I try not to think about the other tasks I need to do during my time working- if I do this, I’ll end up attempting to do 5 pieces of work at once! Devote your time to the task at hand. This is something I need to work on, as in my brain, everything is of high priority.

Try not to get distracted…yeah I know, its hard

My phone is the worst when I’m trying to get my college work done. Writing a blog post, it isn’t so bad because I have a tad more flexibility, but oh my goodness I could probably get A LOT more done if I didn’t get distracted by my phone and my TV, oh, and food. I think from now on, I need to turn everything off when I’m writing assignments or planning activities…and you do too! C’mon, we can do it together.

I hope these little tips help you on your journey to managing time better. I find it easier to relax when I know I have everything I need to get done, done.

Have an amazing day, and weekend!

Cade x

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