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Hello lovelies!

So a few days ago I was extremely excited to see this come in the post, my gorgeous Fräser watch. They ever so kindly sent me this and as soon as I saw it, I absolutely loved it. 

I’m a huge fan of classic watches- by classic I mean no glitz and glam, just a leather strapped, sophisticated, everyday watch. Simplicity is the way to my heart when it comes to watches and jewellery. Fräser watches have a Daniel Wellington-esque vibe to them, which I think is fab considering my love for DW. Another huge bonus about this watch is they are super affordable, just £79 for a high-quality, beautifully designed watch. Fräser Collection have 4 different colours within their watch line, I just had to go for ‘Rose Gold & Tan’- I’ve got to say their ‘Rose Gold & Black’ watch is stunning too, perfect for everyday and will go with absolutely ANYTHING. 

If you want to check out Fräser Collection, click here! I think it would make a lovely gift. Follow them on instagram too: @frasercollection

I hope you all are having a fab day, see you soon.


Cade x 

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