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Recently, I have been in contact with a lovely company called Green People, who create amazingly organic skincare and beauty products. Their range is pretty impressive- from hair care to dental products, Green People offer it all! They kindly sent me the products from their ‘Organic Young’ range, with young people’s skin in mind..particularly teenagers. Green People were extremely generous, as they sent me a few beauty products to try as well (which are AMAZING let me say) and I’m sure to do another blog post on those.

Anyway, today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on 3 of their Organic Young products, which include their face wash, purifying serum and cleansing moisturiser. Over the past few weeks, I have put Green People’s products to the test and used their skincare religiously within my daily routine. Before I go into how I found these products, the intention behind them is to give a clear complexion and to eliminate breakouts, as well as minimise blemishes. The products contain ‘spot zapping’ ingredients, such as green tea, black willow bark and tea tree. Even though I don’t suffer with skin probelms such as acne, I do have redness, blemishes, faint scarring from older breakouts and dry skin- as you may have guessed, this range sounded perfect for my existing problems. So, did they work?

OH PLEASE excuse my nails, sort of taken the pictures and edited them before I realised how chipped they were. Keeping it real over here lol.

Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash

I’ve been using the foaming face wash twice a day for around a week, whilst I was in the bath (usually morning) and then again during my evening skincare routine. I found that it definitely brightened my skin and made it feel really lovely and fresh. The product has ingredients such as the tea tree to fight bacteria, so this is probably why my skin felt so fresh and clean. I’d definitely give this a go if you suffer with redness/dark areas or feel your skin is looking dull, as it really brightens and antioxidises the skin! Love it.

Clear Skin Purifying Serum

Ahhhh I love this stuff. Like seriously, when this runs out I 100% need to get my hands on another tube of this beauty. I have been using the serum for around two weeks and it has worked wonders for my blemishes! All you do is apply a small amount onto your problem areas- this could be spots, redness or even just those annoying little rough areas- they tend to make an appearance on my forehead. After applying this little wonder around my T zone (where I get many blemishes and suffer with redness) for just a few days, I could see that it was completely clearing up- especially around my nose. Suddenly, my skin was clear, soft and flawless! My redness was fading rapidly and I was just so happy. Oh, it smells like Turkish delight too, which is always a bonus.

Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser 

This is probs my fave product out of everything Green People sent to me, as I adore a good moisturiser. As I’ve always droned on and on about in previous post and life in general, I have DRY skin, which is probably how my obsession for moisturisers started. This moisturiser is amazing for keeping my skin soft and smooth- I apply this morning and evening, even throughout the day if I feel my skin could do with it. It feels so light and fresh when applying, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and looking wonderful. If you love a lightweight moisturiser that shows you results in literally minutes, this is the one for you. Not only does it make my skin feel lovely, it (like the other products) fights bacteria and keeps your skin blemish free. What’s not to love?

As you can tell from this post, my thoughts on Green People as a company are all extremely positive- I just adore everything they stand for and love their products even more. After trying these beauties out, I definitely know already I’ll be re purchasing some of my faves.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I urge you to try out Green People’s products- they’re insane! ?? Click here ?? to visit their website.

See you soon!

Cade x

02 comments on “Green People: ‘Organic Young’ Skincare Range

  • Nadia , Direct link to comment

    Sounds like such a lovely brand! I definitely wish there was something like this around when I was a teen and dealing with skin issues at that time. Love that it’s organic skincare!! And YAS to that moisturizer, girl! Gotta start as early as possible <3 Your skin will be thankful later.
    xox Nadia

    • cadejenkins , Direct link to comment

      It really is! Their range is just so extensive and amazing, you can get anything from them! Haha yessss starting early is key babes, lots of loveeee xox

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