My Makeup bag: On the go

Hello lovelies,

Today I thought I’d share the makeup bits I cannot leave the house without, well, when I have a full face on. These beauties go with me pretty much everywhere, they’re sorta like my staple products. So, what’s in my travel makeup bag?

Benefit Gimme Brow: I tend to carry around my mini products around, so the mini Gimme Brow is just perfect. I think it was only around £10 from Boots, and so worth buying alongside the bigger version as it hardly takes up any space in your makeup bag! I love applying this on top of my ABH dipbrow to give a really full, thick look. I think I’m gonna have to re-purchase this constantly, as I use so much of it!

Benefit Roller Lash: Again, I absolutely love a miniature. Having adored (and still do) my full size, I was so happy to have this in a few Benefit sets I got for Christmas! This baby is great to carry around, as I think having a full size mascara is sometimes too much to put in a little makeup bag, especially when I don’t really apply throughout the day too much. This mascara really lengthens and curls your lashes, I love it. However, I’d apply a volumising mascara before applying this one for the best lashes everrrr.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics: As you all probably know, the Naked 2 Basics is my fave- I’ve hit pan on most of the shades now…cry. Anyway, I love carrying this around mainly because of the mirror, it’s quite a good size for quickly touching up your makeup. The shades in this little palette are very light and neutral, so it makes touching up your eyeshadow easy; if you go wrong, you really won’t be able to tell.

The Balm ‘Sexy Mama’ Powder: I don’t actually use this much when doing my makeup in the mornings, but I quite like taking out on the go. It’s small and compact, not like my other powders that are packaged in quite big containers and palettes. This powder is really lovely, it gives a nice, smooth finish and it works great all over the face, especially around the nose (which is where I need it most!).

LA Girl Pro Conceal: OMG I live for this concealer, I even go as far to say it’s my fave out of any I own or have tried. If you haven’t seen already, the applicator on this concealer is so unique, I absolutely love how you can squeeze however much product you want into the brush and apply it easily. As it’s the loml at the min, it comes with me everywhere, even when I’m not taking my make-up bag. You can get this from Beauty Bay, or even Amazon I think.

Nars Creamy Concealer: This lil babe is also an amazing concealer, I bought the lightest shade so it works as a highlighter under my eyes. It works wonders for dark circles, so I usually only ever apply this right under the eyes and use another concealer to cover up my blemishes. I really like taking this out with me as it brightens my face up when I apply just a little bit under my eyes throughout the day- the coverage is lovely! I deffo recommend this wonderful stuff.

Laura Geller ‘Color Luster’ Lip Gloss: I don’t usually go for lipgloss, but I really do love this. I think I like this because it’s thick but not sticky at all, as well as it giving a lot of colour to the lips, instead of just adding a glossy sheen over them. I have the shade ‘Sugar Cane’ and it looks so beautiful! I even apply this to my eyelids if I’m going for the glossy lid look- when I do this, I absolutely MUST have this with me, because I find it comes off the lids really easily if you’re not careful. So, if I fancy a lipgloss day, this beauty is always in my makeup bag.

Kiko Creamy Lipstick: Ahhh I adore this! I carry this around with me all the time, wherever I go. It is the most gorgeous nude shade (it’s the shade 001), and is a staple product in my makeup bag. It’s actually really unique, because it’s definitely not matte lipstick but not quite satin- whatever it is, I deffo love it. The Kiko Creamy lipstick is so hydrating and you can never go wrong, it always looks lovely!


I hope you liked having a little look into what I pop into my makeup bag when I’m out and about! Have a lovely Sunday. 

Cade x 

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