Green People: Damask Rose Facial Oil

Hello lovelies,

It’s been agesssss since I’ve written on here, woah. Anyway, I’m going to chat a lil bit about a product I’ve been really loving- of course by one of my most fave companies, Green People. As I’ve said on here before, Green People are an incredible company who make purely organic products and they are bloody amazing.

They kindly sent me their Damask Rose Facial Oil to try out and I flippin adore it. I really do love skincare as most of you know, and what’s better than it being so natural! It really is a little gem, so let’s get into why.

First of all, let’s talk about the pretty packaging. I love how Green People package their products and always will like the beautiful yet simple finish to their designs. So the actual product itself is just lovely, making my skin feel so soft and amazing throughout the day. What I usually do is put a few pumps of the oil on a slightly damp cotton pad- then swiping it all over my face and neck (don’t forget the neck!). It’s not too thick which I really love, and never leaves my skin feeling greasy; I find that some oils I have used in the past kinda sit on my face and not actually soak in. This oil is absolutely fabulous for dry skin and really does leave it hydrated. I have also found it brightens my face loads, which is much needed with getting up at 6 in the morning every day!

I almost forgotten to mention, the oil is in this amazing glass bottle which feels nicely heavy and definitely luxe. If you want to brighten, revive and give your skin a bit of lovin, then this product is for you! It’s also brilliant to put on before doing your makeup, foundation sits amazingly on it!

If you wanna check out Green People (I suggest you do!) and take a closer look at their Damask Rose Facial Oil, click on the link:

Thank you lovelies for reading, and I hope you check Green People out!

Cade x

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