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hello angels!!

to get back into the swing of things, i thought i’d write a chilled post consisting of my beauty favourites right now. these products are just a little bit peng and i neeeed to share them with you! i’m using these beauties pretty much everyday so it would only be polite to write some nice words about them, let’s go.

BROW ZINGS. ok i’m a little bit late to the party with this but i absolutely love it. i’ve always been a bit of a slut for the ka-brow pomade and never really ventured out. however ever since i began using this, i’ve not stopped! i find it makes your brows look a lil bit more natural to a pomade, which i really like. this is deffo a staple in my makeup bag. Buy here!

guys this is heaven. i was in dublin with my friend, i saw her put this AMAZING highlighter on and i felt extremely jealous hahaha. i went out and bought it the next day because of how beautiful it looked! i seriously needed it in my life. it’s honestly so dewy and pretty and i just can’t even. plus there’s tonnes of it so i’m guessing its going to last me about 148 years, so good for just £10. deffo go out and purchase this girls and boys!!! Buy here!

this is one of the best mascaras i have ever used and i’m not exaggerating. this is the Nu Colour extending mascara by NuSkin beauty and it’s actually insane! not only does it lengthen my pathetic eyelashes by a mile, but it gives them more volume than i know what to do with. if you’d like to purchase this little angel, DM me on instagram! @cade.lauren

THIS FOUNDATION. i have been re-purchasing this beauty for a good year now and i haven’t even looked at other foundations…that’s how you know it’s true love. on a serious note, i have never used a foundation i have liked so much, but this is absolutely gorgeous. it’s dewy (which is my fave) but it also gives amazing coverage. what more can you ask for? oh and it comes in SO many shades AND it’s only £6! what the hell. Buy here!

you all know how i’m a sucker for nude lips, well, this is probably the nicest nude shade i have out of my 18643 nude lip liners. i literally wear this on its own nearly everyday with some gloss on the top, so prettyyyyy. with it being Sleek, it’s so affordable too. Buy here! (Similar)

there we go my lovelies, those are just a few of my beauty favourites right now. most are quite affordable which helps, especially in a good foundation! i hope you enjoyed reading this lil post and i’ll be back soon. love you lots!

Cade x

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