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Hey angels,

Today I wanna share with you some shower themed products i’ve been using religiously. I’ve always chosen baths over showers (i’m still a lil bit of a bath baby), because i found my dry skin always felt dryer after showers. However, these products have made a huge difference in my skin- i really do recommend some of these if you’re a sufferer of dry skin! So here we go.

Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

I got this a while ago and never really used it (kinda forgot it existed), the snow fairy scent has always been one of my faves from Lush. I re-discovered this about a month ago and I literally have not stopped using it since. I had never used a body conditioner before, but now I have, I don’t think I can go without! This beauty makes my skin feel insanely soft, even my mum noticed the difference in it haha. So if you’re a person who needs a little lift in relation to the softness of your skin, deffo give this a whirl. Buy here

Green People Organic Young Foaming Face Wash 

I’ve spoken about this product before on the blog, I haven’t stopped loving it since. Obviously I have been trying various face washes for the bath/shower, but this is always an angel I go back to. I find if you use it for a period of time (e.g. a week or so), it really helps clear your skin of blemishes, breakouts, roughness and keeps it feeling soft n hydrated. I have really sensitive skin, so it helps with it being organic and natural- not too heavy on the skin. Buy here

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Shower Gel

To be honest, I use this purely because it smells AMAZING. I find other shower gels smell nice for a short while, but this actually sticks for the rest of the day unlike most. It’s easy on my skin (which I was surprised with given my skins sensitivity) and actually gives it softness, I find it really moisturising! It was inevitable I’d love this, because the perfume is to dieeee for. Buy here

Imperial Leather Foamburst 

This is kinda a staple in most showers isn’t it? I can’t lie, I always get a little bit disappointed if I use a shower that doesn’t have this haha! This one in particular is my absolute fave (bewitching blackberry), it legit smells incredible. To be quite honest, I have way too much fun with it and use an insane amount of it every single time lmao. Buy here

Provoke Touch Of Silver 

Since bleaching my hair, I started using this duo. Because I went an ashy white blonde/grey, getting a good purple shampoo and conditioner was a must to keep the ashy-ness (if that’s a word). Right now, I have blue hair and still use this, as it still brightens the colour and neutralises any brassiness that comes through. I do really find this stuff works well, so if you want to ash up your blonde locks or keep a colour in (such as grey, light blue, light purple, pink), deffo give this a try! Buy here

So there we have a few products I have been using daily in the shower that I have been loving. Everything is linked if you wanna buy!

Have a beaut day!

Cade x

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