A duvet day catch up

Happy Sunday everyone!

Lots and lots has been happening over the past month, so I thought i’d write a lil bit about it. I feel like so much has happened in such a small space of time, it’s quite overwhelming to be honest. But as always, I’m being open and sharing all of this stuff which you may or may not find boring. The reason I started this blog was to write about what I was thinking, so this kind of post is extremely fitting to that.

Back on the topic of feeling overwhelmed, I’m trying to see it as a positive thing. Usually I’d be the sort of person to look at a new situation full of change and be shit scared of it; I’m really trying not to in this case.

Moving City

Ok so this is the big one that has really shaken my balance. I’ve moved away from everybody I have ever known, friends, my family, and whoever in between. I get anxious over anything and everything, so you can imagine how this has affected me. However, I’m really trying to think of this fresh start as a positive thing…it’s quite uplifting knowing that NOBODY knows me here. I dunno. It helps as well that I moved from Leicestershire to Manchester area- if you’re from Leicestershire you know that (with no disrespect) it’s dead. I absolutely adore Manchester so far and it is somewhere I’d love to live for the rest of my life. A bold statement, but I honestly love it.

A new relationship

Again, another biggie. It was horrendous timing (trust us) because we kinda became official just as I was moving away. However, HE IS A DREAM. I think being in a new relationship after such a long one is incredibly daunting, but it shows exactly what was missing from the last one. It’s just the little things, but they make such a difference. One huge thing about me and my new boyfriend is that we have insane amounts in common. Music? Check. Films? Check. Fashion? Check. The long distance thing is actually working okay for us so far, I deffo wanna do a blog post about how to cope with such a situation for all you lovely people who have their partners away from them. I’m extremely glad he gave me that super like and greeted me with the best line ever (don’t worry, I won’t expose you angel). We’re deffo a tinder match made in heaven.

A change of heart

A lot of you that know me will understand that decision making isn’t my forte. I think way too hard into it and more than likely end up in a severe state of panic. To buy the blazer, or to not buy the blazer, to buy the blazer, to not buy the blazer. You get where i’m coming from right? Well this decision was a lil bit bigger than deciding on whether to buy a piece of clothing that I probably don’t need- I decided not to go to university. Now some of you will be thinking that it’s not a big deal, I can go whenever I like, I’m only 18. To those who are thinking that, THANK YOU. I may choose to go back next year and I probably will, it’s just right now I’m deffo ready for a year of doing what I love to do. I’m going to really focus on my blogging, so any support surrounding that would be amazing.

I think that’s all for now (well, not all if you wanna sit around for 3 hours reading an emotional monologue type thing), I really hope you liked being a little nosy n reading about my current life situation. Just wanted to say, don’t be afraid of change, it’s the only thing that could make a situation better.

Hope you all have a fabulous, hungover Sunday.


Cade x

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