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Hello babes, happy Wednesday.

As a lot of you know, i’m extremely passionate about mental health and always like to be as open as possible when talking about it. Anxiety is something I have dealt with since an extremely young age…so young it’s actually quite sad. However, I like to use my own experience with anxiety to help people experiencing similar situations. The advice I give out may help some but maybe not others, which is totally fine given everybody’s circumstances are so different! So, here are a few ways I personally deal with my anxiety.

Leave the thinking until the last minute

I know, it’s really hard. One massive aspect of my own anxiety is the amount of overthinking I put myself through, which literally sends me CRAZY. I try and leave all of that mad overthinking until what I’m anxious about, actually happens. It’s taken a while to master this, and i’m still a notorious over thinker, but learning how to leave all the unnecessary worry until the last minute saves a hell of a lot of stress. I do this by masses of distraction- for example, putting on my favourite film to shift my attention away from the worry.


This is something not everybody is open to trying, but if you’re a sufferer or anxiety, please give it a go! Meditation is extremely beneficial, helping me lower my anxiety levels and increase my focus throughout the day. Anxiety tends to cause loss of focus, which isn’t ideal when you have shit to get done. It only takes 10 minutes a day, to clear any unwanted thoughts/feelings. Usually to meditate, I stick on some music from my meditation playlist on youtube, sit on the edge of my bed and close my eyes. Throughout meditation, I try what I call ‘blank’ thinking- basically try your best to think of NOTHING. You can use this as a little escape, it has been mine for a long while.

Lower the caffiene

People that know me extremely well know of my naughty caffeine addiction. However, caffeine is not the best for my anxiety at all (it probably isn’t for yours either I’m sorry to say)- I always try and lower the amount I drink when I’m feeling particularly bad. A stimulant + anxiety = bad news, do not put yourself through it angels.

Plan stuff (something not anxiety triggering of course)

It’s easier said than done, look at me sitting here and telling you to just ‘plan stuff’ when your anxiety is bad. But for me personally, planning something with someone close to me helps me a lot. Even if it’s just to chill at home with a cuppa…I guess it comes back to distraction. Doing something nice with someone you’re a hundred percent comfortable with may take your mind to a happier place for that day. Anxiety makes me feel quite sad a lot of the time, so being with someone you love helps a bunch.

Take a step back

Will this matter in 5 years time? Or even in a weeks time? Probably not. I think taking a step back and reviewing the situation makes things easier to manage. In my case, I get anxious over the most absurd things, so it’s important that I logically think about what is worrying me. It feels horrendous being anxious over even the tiniest of things, so always always make sense of it. You could even try talking to someone, a lot of the time somebody else puts my anxiety filled thoughts into perspective. Remember, they have an outside view and are not living in your head, take advantage of that.


  • That last point leads me nicely on to talking to someone. Always speak to a person you trust when you feel like your anxiety is getting a little bit much. It’s honestly not fair on yourself to suffer in silence, I always find it a positive thing to offload to somebody. That somebody could be anyone: your mum, dad, brother, sister, friend, partner…anybody who will listen to you. They can make sense of a situation a bit better than I can always when i’m in major anxiety mode and can usually ease my mind. It’s the best thing ever when someone puts things into perspective for you and you realise that it’s actually okay. Everything is chill.
  • These are just a few of the many things I do personally to help my anxiety. As I stated at the beginning of the post, everybody’s minds work so differently, so this may not be for every individual with anxiety. However, even if just one person is supported or relates to these tips, I’m a happy gal. Feel free to drop me an email or an instagram DM if you’re struggling with any anxiety related problems (or anything else!), I am always here to listen.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


    Cade x

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