Bao Skincare Review

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m gonna write a little bit about my experience with Bao Skincare. I do write a lot about skincare on my blog, but it is something I really love trying and well, chatting about! If I had to pick between makeup or skincare, i’d deffo pick skincare products. Here’s what were dealing with: Bao Skincare is an amazing company owned by Beth, a lovely lady with a huge passion for beauty and skin. I read that she actually suffers from Crohns Disease and had real bad reactions to the new drugs she was trying- resulting in some skin issues. Beth began to make her own skincare products to help her sensitive skin, then spiralling into many people loving her products! Those many people definitely include me. Her products are made with only natural, plant-based ingredients, which help nourish the skin, as well as repair and heal.

The first product I had the pleasure to try was the Face Recovery moisturiser…and oh my god. It is heaven on your skin. You probably all know I’m a sucker for a good moisturiser, given how dry my skin is (I may as well bathe in it), so this product is a dream. It’s light, airy and feels fresh on your face. I find many moisturisers are thick- that’s okay if you like that, but I find they’re way too heavy and feel like they’re clogging my skin. I have used this beauty for nearly a week, and I can already see how soft my skin has become. Another huge YES when using this moisturiser is that is smells incredible; that’s probably due to all the amazing ingredients Beth uses like organic shea butter, aloe vera butter and orange essential oil. Yum. Buy here!

The next product I have been putting to the test is her Avocado Orange Face Polish. Ok, this smells even better than the Face Recovery. I have really been enjoying using this face polish, especially in the bath as I can just sit with it working into my skin. Again, it isn’t too thick and feels like a light scrub. As soon as I wash it off, I can see straight away that it brightens and leaves my skin insanely soft. I love products where you can see a difference in just a few uses, and this is one of them! Buy here!

Finally, I have been using the Cocoa Lip Balm in the morning during my skincare routine and in the evening too before bed. I suffer from quite dry lips, and also a self-confessed lip biter (I’m working on that)- given that, I’m always buying lip balms. This lip balm is so soothing on my lips, the fact it is made from cocoa butter and avocado oil explains that! Oh, and it smells amazing , it has deffo become one of my fave lip balms. Buy it here!

So there’s my little run down on Bao Skincare! Please please go and check it out, especially if you’re looking at buying from a natural, organic ingredient using skincare brand. Here is their website for you to have a browse through! Bao Skincare 🙂

I hope you all have a beaut, lazy Sunday. And if you’re at work- get some wine on the way home (that’s what I used to do).


Cade x

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