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Hello angels! Happy sundazeee.

It has been a HOT minute since I’ve written a complete beauty related blog post. I’ve kinda been enjoying the whole ‘lifestyle’ theme I’ve had going on, but we need to go back to the roots today. The lovely people at Chloe Lewis beauty kindly sent me some products to try out, so, I’ve decided to have a chat about them.

Okay, so the first product I’m gonna introduce you to is the Chloe Lewis lipstick in the shade ‘Lady Love’. It has been sooo long since I have purchased a red lipstick, so I was extremely happy with the shade I received. It’s such a classic shade of red- not too deep but not one of those orangey toned shades. This lippy is incredibly pigmented as soon as it goes on and literally looks so beautiful. The texture is very creamy, I think it sits exactly between satin and matte, because I wouldn’t say it was either. This lipstick is a great purchase if you’re looking for a good quality, classic red that’s easy to apply and looks great. OH and I need to talk about the packaging, I looooove it. It’s simple, but so pretty, AND it has one of those magnetic lids which I think is a lovely touch.

The next product I was kindly sent is one of their lipgloss’ in the shade ‘Flash’. Lately, I’ve been loving glosses so I was happy that I actually got two (we will talk about the other one later). This shade is again, extremely classic and wearable; it can be worn so easily on its own or over a lipstick/matte lipstick. I love how it has flashes of gold running through it- this adds a fab touch to the gloss, instead of it just being clear. One thing I really dislike about wearing lipgloss is that it can be seriously sticky (ew, who needs that in their life?), but this angel feels so lovely on the lips and shifts away from that horrible, sticky feeling.

I was so excited to find that I was sent one of my fave makeup products- LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER. So this beauty is in shade 5 (pink pearl), this shade is slightly different to any of the highlighters I own, so I was extremely happy that I could try out a different shade. I usually go for the cooler shades in highlighter (silvery tones), but this is so lovely and warm, my head has definitely turned for warmer highlighters now. The highlighter blends out amazingly, feels so soft on the skin and creates the most gorgeous glow to the skin. I feel like using this makes my skin look really healthy- because it adds a beautiful warmth and looks incredibly dewy.

The final product is another lipgloss in the shade ‘Summer girl’, it’s honestly so, so pretty. Initially, I thought “Woah, okay, you’re insanely bright”, but when you put it on it’s really not that ‘in your face’. Again, this can easily be worn on its own and with other lipsticks underneath- I feel like it’s a great shade for wearing on its own because it has that little pop of colour and adds a bit more than if it’s a plain gloss. This is a shade I’d never usually go for myself if I was purchasing off my own back, so I’m glad this one was sent as it actually looks really lovely on!

I do recommend that you check out the Chloe Lewis beauty website out! Click here to go to the site!

Have a lovely day, I’ll see you soon.


Cade x

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