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Hello babes, happy wednesday.

I hardly ever post anything fashion related, which is a shock because i’m into that. So I thought today i’d share a few clothing pieces i’ve been loving at the moment.

A few of the items i’m going to share are kinda with the summer vibe, but i’ve also included some autumnal outfits too. Most things here can be worn in the cooler months – just adding a coat or a pair of tights will do the trick. I’ll be adding where I got each item from (or similar) and the size i’m wearing!

Okay so first I have my little dungarees and t-short combo. I have been living in these dungarees lately- i’ve actually had them for ages but dug them out when moving house haha, so i may not be able to link them (i’ll find something similar). I really love wearing these with something a little bit brighter underneath; this Tommy t-shirt is perfect and is soooo comfy. I also love to wear jumpers under these dungarees, especially now it’s getting much colder!

Dungarees – ASOS (Size 10)

Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt – Urban Outfitters (size M)

I have literally been obsessed with bandeaus through summer, so I just had to include one. I love wearing them with a denim jacket, as I feel less exposed and it’s obviously warmer like that. I think they’re really comfy and easy to go out in- whether that’s shopping or going for drinks at night. These trousers are quite new, but I absolutely loveee them. Before these, I kinda lived in my other pairs so I thought why not add to the party? I’ve deffo got a thing for check at the min.

Jacket – Topshop (Size 12)

Trousers – Zara (Size 10)

Bandeau – Pretty Little Thing (Size 10)

How cute is this. There’s not much to really say about this lil outfit, but this kinda thing is pretty much what I wear all the time. I’m loving striped t-shirts at the minute, and have ALWAYS been a slut for a denim skirt. Just pop on a jacket n a pair of tights and you’re good to go.

T-shirt – Monki (Size S)

Denim skirt – Miss Selfridge (Size 10)

This is a bit of a ‘going out’ outfit for me, but how bloody gorgeous is this skirt? I was eyeing it up for so long before I bought it- deffo needed it in my life. This long sleeved top makes the outfit look a lil more daytime, I’d say wearing the skirt with a black crop would be better for a night out. This top I’m wearing is really lovely though; yes it’s extremely simple, but it’s so SOFT and amazing quality.

Skirt – Nasty Gal (Size M/10)

Top – ASOS (Size 12)

Probably the most fitting outfit for the coming months! Again, this is the kinda thing i’d typically wear in the autumn- however, i’ve been living in this skirt. It’s so so so comfy (probably because it’s too big, thanks H&M sizing) and goes with so much of my wardrobe. So with the skirt, I’ve paired it with a simple turtle neck long sleeved top and this jacket. I’ve had this jacket for ages, but I just love how warm it is.

Skirt – H&M (Size 10)

Top – H&M (Size 10)

Jacket – Primark (Size 10)

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at some clothing pieces i’ve been loving recently! I definitely want to do more fashion related posts on here because it is something I love, and my blog does kinda include the word ‘fashion’ in the website title so…yeah.

Have a fab day!


Cade x

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