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Hello, happy Wednesday!

It’s been ages since I’ve done a monthly favourites- I’ve done my loved beauty products n fashion faves, but not yet a mixture of everything. So now we’re at the beginning of October, I can share everything I’ve been loving throughout September and currently.

Ughhhh I love this. It’s been really bigged up throughout last year and even this year, I’m so glad I finally got my hands on it; thank you to my boyfriend’s sister, ly Bel. It’s proper thick (which I love for a full coverage concealer) and so brightening, it’s amazing for dark circles and highlighting under the eyes. Love love love.

I literally live with these things in my hair. I’ve always been partial to a scrunchie but I’m so obsessed at the minute. I especially love the ones from ASOS- they’re really cute, but I’ve got to say they’re a lil pricey for just a scrunchie haha. Hasn’t stopped me from buying though!

I have about 150 candles, so this must be gorg to make it to a monthly faves (it is). My lovely boyfriend got me this, and I’ve not stopped burning it. I’m really bad at describing smells but I can say it’s quite a fresh one- such a relaxing scent.

Okay so this isn’t really a recent favourite, but I do really really like this jumper. It’s so warm and wearable- literally goes with so many of my clothes. I haven’t been able to wear it too much as it’s been summery weather, I’m kinda happy it’s autumn now.

I absolutely fell in love with Atypical from the first episode; it’s one of those where I’ll watch about 10 episodes all at once and then feel sad wondering why it’s finished haha. It follows the life of a teenager called Sam, who is on the autistic spectrum and decides he wants to try dating, venturing out of his comfort zone n all that jazz. It’s a really good comedy/drama type series that’s dead easy to watch and not too heavy. I love a series where you can both laugh and cry, it’s fab. I recommend if you haven’t watched it already!

I think I’ve mentioned these in a monthly faves ages ago- they’re still in ma life haha. I really love these because you can have so many different scents without buying the whole candles separately. You can also burn them more than once in your burner so I think they’re really fab- affordable too.

So there are a few of the lifestyle bits I’ve been loving this past month or so- I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Have a lovely rest of the week!


Cade x

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