Hello lovely, I'm Cade. It's fabulous to meet you!

First of all, let me introduce myself properly. Hey, hello, hi, I’m Cade – founder and coach at Cade Lauren Co. 

A spiritual AF Libra lover of horror movies, writing, gin and empowering others. Oh, I’m also partial to a good self-help book.

Let’s get to biz: I’m a transformation coach, hypnotherapist and EFT enthusiast – guiding women from all over the world to transforming their anxious achieving mentalities, to shining their divine light and showing them their dream lifestyle really is possible.

I help driven females with who feel burnt out, overwhelmed and self-critical, look within to find their inner peace and soul purpose. That newfound peace being their magnet for true success. My soul mission is to take you on a transformational journey to radical self-love, acceptance and lasting confidence. Go from fearfully anxious to courageously calm, and move forward to leading the life you’ve always dreamed of living – feeling your best self.

Truth is, I’ve been there. Debilitating anxiety was my life. I was lacking self-love and never accepted myself. Seeking validation from outer sources was my thing… never feeling ‘enough’. Now, I’m sat here feeling and experiencing something completely different. As a person, I’m calmer, accepting and I have achieved so much that I previously thought was near impossible.

Yes, my anxiety still exists. But it’s not about finding the quick and easy route to completely eliminating your anxiety. It’s a beautiful journey. And it’s about learning true self-love, acceptance and partnering up with this part of you. 

Turning my pain into divine purpose was one of the best decisions I have made on my adventure, and it would mean the world (and more!) if you were to join me. Let’s live calmer, happier and more empowered lives together. All from a place of LOVE, never a place of fear.  

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