A little bit of a different post today because I feel like writing about this. I always like to be quite open on my blog, but sometimes I struggle with it as I know many strangers read it…however, I’m going to be talking about a little something called confidence. This post is going to be a little bit here, there and everywhere but please excuse […]


Simple details: your bedroom

Hello lovelies, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling to think of blog post ideas that are interesting enough to write about; it’s as if I’ve had a creative block. However, it soon dawned upon me that I could write about the room I’m sitting in right now, it’s weird how ideas are sitting there right there in front of you! So today I […]

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Katie Leamon

Hello lovelies.  Today I thought I’d share some real beauties from a London luxury card and stationary brand, Katie Leamon. They so so kindly sent me some of their bits and pieces from their gorgeous collection, and I’m so in love. A few of you may know that stationary is my thing; so finding a brand with a stunning, high quality range is such a […]


Home Inspiration 

Hello my lovelies. I am literally SO ill right now- I’m sat writing this surrounded by endless tissues, a mug of hot chocolate and my kitten sat comfortably (for her) on my chest. Because I’m bed bound, I was looking through Pinterest, which I don’t do often. My little adventure through Pinterest has inspired me to create a home inspo visual- is that even a […]


Valentines gift guide: For Him and For Her

Hello my lovelies. I really enjoyed creating a valentines gift guide last year, so I’ve decided to do it this year too (I hope it’s not too late!). I’ve thrown together some stuff that you may find helpful, I know I find it extremely difficult buying a Valentine’s Day present.  It’s not the best editing I have to admit, but I hope you guys like […]


Can everyday be a Sunday?

As I always bang on about on this blog, winding down is bloody important. If I’m really honest, I sort of have no choice but to do this otherwise I’ll lose my sanity…genuinely. Sundays are the day I have to myself, I try and focus these wonderful days around blogging and stuff related around that. A lot of people despise Sundays I know, but I […]


It’s the simple things…

Lately I’ve been thinking about life’s simplicities and how happy they can make a person. At the moment I’m trying to find a few simple aspects of my day that make me feel good inside, it’s all about turning that negativity into positivity. I think finding those simple pleasures in everyday life makes a significant difference to general outlook, I’m trying to do this more […]

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What’s in my college bag? 

Hello! Today I thought I’d share what I keep in my college bag, I’ve seen these being done quite a lot (blog posts and YouTube videos), so I thought I’d have a little go. I’ve been at college since September, and was meaning to write this post back in August before I started! As I didn’t get chance, here I am.  My bag is a […]

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Time management 

Hello guys. I think in this day and age, time management is a massively talked about subject- this is probably because most people are leading extremely busy lives and need that organisation to get them through. I’m not too sure whether I’m only speaking on behalf of myself but time managment is a huge thing when it comes to working life. I have previously written […]