Power Hour Sessions

A power hour session is an on the go/pay as you go session, completely tailored and bespoke to your needs. A power hour session can support you in areas such as:

⋒ Clarity, re-direction or insight

⋒ Current situational topics, pain points and guidance

⋒ Releasing blocks, limiting beliefs, negative thought processes

⋒ Challenges with anxiety and low confidence

⋒ Guided EFT sessions within to conquer those challenges

⋒ Goal and ‘passion project’ brainstorms and guidance

This includes a bespoke tailored action plan created and sent to you after the session concludes.


the breakthrough package

The Breakthrough Package includes:

Welcome Pack: including information and resources to get started

Tailored Plan: to help you move forward (created and sent after our call)

60 minute Power Hour Coaching session: see information above

2 weeks 1 to 1 support via Voxer (messaging/voice note app). Voxer will allow us to create that ongoing magic and keep the transformation flowing.

Hypnotherapy Session/s

*INTRODUCTORY PRICING* 1-12 bespoke hypnotherapy sessions

I help you release anxiety, fears and blocks – that get in the way of you living your divine dream lifestyle, on your terms.

Specialising in:
Restoring calm, peace and balance in body and mind. Then releasing and overcoming anxiety
Letting go of fears, to stop them from holding you back
⋒ Up-levelling confidence and quieten the inner critic
⋒ Identifying and re-writing limiting beliefs
⋒ Turning stress, burnout and overworking to knowing your worth
⋒ Goal setting and passion project creating
⋒ Leading your dream life

90 Minute Pocket Of Calm Session

Move forward with tranquillity and inner peace with the 90 minute Pocket Of Calm deep Hypnotherapy session, combined with coaching. A transformational 90-minute session!

The Pocket of Calm session focuses on:
⋒ Targeting current challenges
Restoring balance and peace within mind and body
Anti-anxiety methods
Reducing stress levels
Moving forward with clarity and a clear headspace
Personal goals
Balancing your lifestyle

This session helps you regain the calm that fuels your power. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Session/s

1-12 bespoke EFT sessions – 45 minutes

I help you release anxiety, fears and blocks that get in the way of you living your divine dream lifestyle, using EFT. Escape the pressure and burn out, whilst saying bye-bye to the high achieving, perfectionist mentalities. Instead, say hello to a calmer, more fulfilled you. 

You can also include the use of EFT in our coaching sessions (e.g. in the Power Hour).

I also offer personalised packages.

This means we can work together to figure out a package to suit you and your personal needs/goals.

"I had such an incredible experience doing the hypnotherapy. I felt so calm, so relaxed, I don’t even know how to describe it. The way Cade took you through the process allowed me to feel even more deeply relaxed, and in a state which allowed for an even bigger transformation. I came out of it so calm and I had so much clarity."
Chronic Illness Coach

Contact me to book your session and make transformative progress!

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