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Know your worth, accept and truly love the person you are…

You know that you’re enough. You trust yourself and never feel like you have to prove yourself to anybody. Self-acceptance fuels your flow- feeling assured and confident.

Design a life you love, following your passions and purpose…

You move forward with excitement towards your passion projects and know that you’re capable of achieving anything you put your mind to in life.

Turn fear into freedom…

Nothing, not even anxiety, holds you back from unleashing your power and impact. You see everyday fears as an opportunity for adventure and know positive growth always on the cards.

⋒ Feeling calm, confident and ready to take on new challenges

⋒ Letting go of the fear and replacing it with excitement, curiosity and a sense of adventure

⋒ Having the best and most effective self-management in place (hello toolkits!)

⋒ Looking to the future without overthinking, overwhelm or worry for what’s to come

⋒ Not letting perfectionism hold you back

⋒ Being in flow, feeling grounded and saying goodbye to self-pressure for good

⋒ Working on what lights you up, following your passions and exploring your purpose

You’re feeling anxious overwhelmed and worried about what’s to come…

The inner critic just doesn’t give you a break and holds you back from going for what you desire…

You feel frustrated and resent your anxiety – you just wish it didn’t exist anymore…

Questions such as ‘am I good enough?’ and ‘did I do enough?’ run through your mind…

You feel challenged in moving forward with anything new or the passion projects you’ve always dreamed of pursuing – the idea of perfection is just too much…

"I had a combined hypnotherapy, EFT and coaching session with Cade and I can honestly say I learnt more about myself in that 90 minutes than I have done in years. Cade is so professional yet creates such a calming and welcoming presence, I instantly felt at ease with her and let go of my usual anxiety surrounding meeting new people. I left the session with a completely new mindset - one that I feel will last. Cade tailors everything in the session to be bespoke to you, which really does make all the difference. She has an extensive knowledge of tools and coping mechanisms for a variety of concerns any client would face, from anxiety to stress or motivation and finding purpose. She follows up the session by sending tailored plans to help clients remember and carry on implementing what they have learnt. Every little detail is thought about. I really hope I get to work with Cade again and I would without question recommend her services!"

⋒ I help you accept, work with and manage your anxiety

⋒ Work through ultimate self-management, toolkits and refuelling rituals

⋒ Brainstorm and bring passion projects to life – done your way!

⋒ Create a routine and lifestyle that serves you, never being a slave to the routine

⋒ Overcome personal blocks and limiting beliefs that hold you back

⋒ Guide you to letting go of the pressure, perfection and self-doubt… say hello to a whole lot of self-love and confidence

I work with a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy. This is without a doubt a match made in heaven, as we’re working with both the conscious and subconscious mind.

All of my sessions take place online, via Zoom. This is a fabulous way to do sessions from anywhere in the world, also in the comforts of your own surroundings. When on our calls, we can always see, hear and connect with each other.

Coaching: When you begin coaching sessions with myself, we delve into your personal goals and how we can move forward positively to reaching them. To do this, we look at what could be getting in the way and create that desired change together.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind. It helps you make changes on a deeper level, to areas like your behaviour, thoughts and emotions. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, calm experience, where you are always in control. The deeply relaxed state hypnosis creates allows your subconscious mind to absorb the bespoke positive suggestions given to you – to then make the changes you’d like in your life.

"Cade is so gifted and such a compassionate person. I feel so grateful to have found her on this platform. I wanted to share my experience with her hypnotherapy audio because 1) she is the person who has inspired me to get my hypnotherapy qualification and 2) she has a gift and it needs to be shared. I felt like my anxieties melted away."
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