by Cade Lauren


I’m Cade, a twenty year old gin loving blogger gal living in MCR. Proudly, I’m the owner and founder of The Sunday Wave and adore supporting others in helping them create what they want out of life.

My dream is to help others create their wave of success, achieving maximum personal growth through some mindset mastery.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to hop onto my page and join me on this journey to self-love and empowerment. Let’s do this.

My Shop

Captivating Confidence is part of the Sunday Wave series, a step by step guide to building your online confidence. Whether you’d like to start an online business, write a blog or grow an ‘influencer’ following on Instagram, Captivating Confidence gives you an empowering boost to do just that.

The Digital Glow COMING SOON

If you’re a social media savvy female in online buisness, looking for personal growth and success…STAY TUNED.