Hello! I’m Cade. Welcome to my little getaway. I’m a 20 year old living and writing on Cade Lauren from my bedroom in Greater Manchester. You’ll find that I’m a beauty, business and lifestyle LOVER…oh, and I also dabble into the world of mental health. For work, I am a travel business owner & mentor – please find ‘Earn an income through travel’ on the tabs to find out more! I also study a marketing degree part time. I’m working on A LOT as of right now, so make sure you keep your eyes -peeled! Here is where I come to share anything and everything that travels around my wondering mind, mainly through pictures and my not so well put together words. I created a space in 2014 where I could ramble on about things I love to ramble about, and this is it my lovelies! I’d adore for you to take a peek into my life and join me on this journey. So angels, I’ll leave this here. If you would like to get in touch with me, please find my details on my contact page. Cade x